Hypnotherapy FAQ's

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of Psychology, used to create subconscious change in a patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings. Hypnotherapy is a powerful clinical tool that trains and communicates directly with our unconscious mind, which is the source or root of many of our behaviours, emotions, attitudes and motivations.

What can hypnotherapy be used for?

Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Sleep and Insomnia, Addiction, Body Healing, Business Skills and Finance, Pregnancy and Fertility, Confidence, Self Esteem issues, Exams/Performances, Grief, Memory loss, Pain Relief, Personal Development, Relationships (Spouse, Family, Food, Self) , Sports Performance, Weight Loss/Weight Gain, PTSD, Raising Performance Levels, Overcoming Mental and Emotional Barriers, Release Negative Thoughts and Thinking Patterns, Increase Productivity, Support Lifestyle Changes, Redesign Behaviours and Habits, Car Accident Healing, and more!

What are the brain waves?

Beta brain waves are associated with normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning. (14-40Hz)

Alpha is emited when you're in a state of physical and mental relaxation, day dreaming or light meditation. (7.5-14Hz)

Theta is entered twice daily, as we're waking up and when we're falling asleep. Also, when we enter the state of Hypnosis. (4-7.5Hz)

Delta is the slowest of the frequencies. Deep sleep or catalepsy. (0.5-4Hz)

The Mind Body connection

Hypnotherapy can create physical and emotional changes in the body which will promote improved health and well-being. In medical hypnosis, you are able to assist the autonomic nervous system and stimulate the immune system to reduce or eliminate pain, to restore body processes to natural functioning and to heal injury or illness.

What is being in hypnosis like?

Although we normally regard hypnosis as a trance-like state, it is actually a normal and natural altered state of consciousness. In fact, after experiencing hypnosis sessions, many people question whether they really have been hypnotized. This is because, although people expect it to be quite strange, hypnosis is quite a normal state. The feelings that you will experience during hypnosis are similar to dozing off but not entering sleep. Most people feel incredibly relaxed, aware and unusually focused while they are being hypnotized. It is accompanied by an extraordinary feeling of calmness and is a deeply relaxing experience, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Will I have to disclose secrets?

No, The Hypnotherapist is more of a "tour guide" and is only facilitating the process. You do not have to discuss any details or secrets.

How many sessions does it take?

Many notice changes and improvements after one session but varies depending on the severety of the issues involved. Hypnotherapy is solution focused and the number of sessions you require depends on your issues and goals, which may change as you progress.

Any dangers I should be aware of?

Hypnosis was approved by the Council of Mental Health of the American Medical Association in the 1980's as a safe practice with no harmful side effects. Since then there has been acceleration in the establishment of hypnosis societies for doctors, dentists, and psychologists.

Megan Relkoff

Even from a young age, Megan knew she destined to help others through both a body and mind perspective. She began her training as an Registered Massage Therapist. While receiving her RMT training, she also began mentoring under other Mental Health Therapists, and that led her to work at an integrative health center in Vancouver, which included Hypnotherapy among it's many programs. She began there to study Hypnotherapy, learning under the tutelage of Detlef Friede, the current president of the Canadian Hypnosis Association. It was through her own experience working at the clinic, that she saw firsthand how fast and effective hypnotherapy treatments are.
Now as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, she enjoys working with a variety of people from all demographics, ranging from corporate CEO's and competitive athletes, to young teenagers, and everyone in between. Through hypnotherapy, she can help her clients with a variety of issues, whether stemming from severe traumas, health concerns, or just the simple day to day stress solutions they are seeking to improve their quality of life. Megan never stops learning, and she is constantly taking courses to continue her education so she can keep providing the best quality treatments possible to her clients.

Hypnotherapy: Uncover your subconscious mind.