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Thousands of research studies have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals that support hypnosis as an effective intervention for mind-body healing. A comparative study of scientific literature by Dr Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D., revealed the following recovery and therapy effectiveness rates, for various psychological intervention modalities of therapy.

Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after an average 600 Sessions
Behavioural Therapy: 72% recovery after an average 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after an average 6 sessions

Source: American Health Magazine - Barrios, Alfred A. "Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal," Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, 1970

The conscious mind, accounts for 5-10% of our mind, it is working right now as you are reading this. The conscious mind is logical and analytical and it is where we spend most of our time. Conscious decisions are influenced by the data stored in our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind, which accounts for 90-95% of our mind, can be compared to a computer, in that it stores the data for all the experiences we have ever had.

One of the most important functions of the subconscious mind is that it automatically controls our bodily functions; breathing, heart beating, the immune system, organs, muscles, and tissues from the cellular level to its inter-relatedness as a whole body functioning. It contains your values, your core beliefs, your self esteem, every thought you have ever had, every word that has ever been said to you, and every experience.

Just like a computer operates only on it’s programming, so does your subconscious mind. Also like a computer, your subconscious mind can be reprogrammed.

During Hypnotherapy, you have access to your subconscious mind where this re-programming can take place. In a THETA brain frequency state, a Hypnotherapist is able to facilitate a process to remove negative stored emotions.

Allowing for the removal of any blockages, the emotional connection to traumatic events, and reversal of physical and emotional damage. Replacing the subconscious mind with positive, clear emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

Megan Relkoff

Even from a young age, Megan knew she destined to help others through both a body and mind perspective. She began her training as an Registered Massage Therapist. While receiving her RMT training, she also began mentoring under other Mental Health Therapists, and that led her to work at an integrative health center in Vancouver, which included Hypnotherapy among it's many programs. She began there to study Hypnotherapy, learning under the tutelage of Detlef Friede, the current president of the Canadian Hypnosis Association. It was through her own experience working at the clinic, that she saw firsthand how fast and effective hypnotherapy treatments are.

Now as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, she enjoys working with a variety of people from all demographics, ranging from corporate CEO's and competitive athletes, to young teenagers, and everyone in between. Through hypnotherapy, she can help her clients with a variety of issues, whether stemming from severe traumas, health concerns, or just the simple day to day stress solutions they are seeking to improve their quality of life. Megan never stops learning, and she is constantly taking courses to continue her education so she can keep providing the best quality treatments possible to her clients.

Hypnotherapy: Uncover your subconscious mind.