Clinical Counselling

"When one makes the first step towards change, they then possess all they need to fulfill their dreams and aspirations."
~ Kuljit Bhullar, BSc, MCP, RCC

Counselling - $100* per session

Counselling is a tool used to promote self-exploration, resolution, and personal advancement during times of difficulty and change. Attuned Wellness provides a safe and confidential environment to move past your personal obstacles. Depending on your need, counselling can be accessed in a variety of forms:

  • Individual Counselling
  • Socio-emotional learning and self-regulation
  • Couples Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Play Therapy
  • Neruodevelopmetal Education

*Most insurance covers fees for a registered clinical counsellor

Personal Wellness Consultation

A one to one consultation that takes a holistic view of your life - body, mind, and soul. Information about your current functioning and future goals is gathered and used to create an individualized plan to help you along your wellness journey. Clients are provided with a 8 to 12 week plan to help regain confidence and control over their mental and physical well being.

Group Education and Facilitation

Psycho-educational seminars to promote team and staff development. Kuljit has countless experience speaking at conferences on a variety of topics: brain-based disabilities, positive parenting approaches, mind-body wellness, and stress in the workplace.

Kuljit Bhullar is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (Registration No. 12624) and Wellness Consultant now located in Kelowna, BC.

Kuljit's practice encompasses her wide scope of education and experience: with undergraduate degrees in Biology and Psychology, a post-graduate certificate in Child and Youth Mental Health, and a Masters in Counselling Psychology, she has acquired vast knowledge about the brain and its integration with the body.

Kuljit has been working with children and families for over a decade. She has committed herself to educating and advocating for the most vulnerable populations. Kuljit's primary areas of research and expertise includes social-emotional learning, trauma recovery and holistic wellness.

Her devotion to healing stems from her personal journey of working to integrate mind, body and soul in holistic wellness: Kuljit believes that being attuned in all areas of life builds the foundation necessary to maintain healthy relationships and pursue one's passions.

Kuljit's passion for therapy comes from her desire to share all that she has learned through her education and life experience with those that are struggling to become the highest version of themselves. It is Kuljit's belief that when one makes the first step towards change, they then possess all that they need to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

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