Strong Mind. Strong Body.

Are you looking to optimize mind and body? Are you suffering from muscle or joint pain? Recovering from an injury or looking to increase your performance? Do you find yourself tired and stressed? Kelowna's Gravity Float and Wellness offers solutions that promote a strong mind and a strong body.

Float Therapy

A still mind, together with total body relaxation, allows your body to heal, restore, and rest. Our unique Kelowna float or Floatation therapy, otherwise known as REST - Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique - provides powerful benefits for your body and mind – managing pain, reducing blood pressure, healing injury and building mental wellness through reduced anxiety, depression and stress. Take REST to a whole new level with Gravity's Float Therapy in Kelowna.
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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Are you suffering from joint or muscle pain, injury or other ailments? Our cold therapy sessions, otherwise known as Whole Body Cryotherapy (Cryo Therapy), improve blood circulation which can reduce inflammation and pain and can enhance your body’s overall ability to heal. These three minute sessions take your body to temperatures between -200°F to -250°F and have been known to improve recovery time from injury, treat skin conditions, and even aid in weight loss.
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Dreamwave Massage

Total body relaxation has been proven to benefit the mind and body. Our DreamWave massage system delivers a full-body massage designed to relax the mind and restore the body. Using Inada’s proprietary shiatsu point detection technology, your massage begins with a body scan that will adapt the DreamWave process to your individual needs. Throughout your session, you are treated to a powerful restorative massage that can only be described as relaxing and transcendent.
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Massage Therapy

Gravity Float & Wellness offers Massage Therapy! We have two talented Registered Massage Therapist’s who have joined our team and are ready to help you Relax, Repair, & Rejuvenate your body!

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